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Jun. 30th, 2008

NW - Only One Over 15



Ah, I love getting into communities on the ground floor! I found this by chance, and am so happy about it! None of my friends seem to know about Ngaio Marsh, which does make it difficult to have discussions about plots and characters.

My name is Erin and I've been a fan of Ms. Marsh's books since high school, which was *mumblemumble* years ago. ;)

My first introduction to the wonderful Roderick Alleyn and Company was in Dead Water. I love intelligent characters, and Alleyn fit the bill perfectly. I scoured bookstores to find more books and was completely hooked after reading Artists in Crime. The relationship between Alleyn and Troy is just so wonderful. And Fox is a perfect foil for Alleyn.

Looking forward to having some fun discussions about the books (I am sad to say, I haven't seen the PBS programs) and getting to know you!

May. 20th, 2008

White Tie - Alleyn and Fox


Twenty-One Icons

From Dead Water and A Man Lay DeadCollapse )

May. 15th, 2008

White Tie - Alleyn Inspecting Closely


Sixteen Icons

From Death In A White Tie, Dead Water, and misc. cover artCollapse )

May. 7th, 2008

Dead Water - Alleyn and Troy


Introduction - ngaiomarshfan

Hi!  I'm Jeannie.  In the time honored LJ tradition of "build it and they will come", I've put together this little home away from home for fans of Ngaio Marsh and her literary creations.  Ngaio Marsh wrote 32 mystery novels in her lifetime, all featuring the Scotland Yard Chief Inspector Roderick Alleyn. The series of books also sparked a two series run on the BBC featuring Patrick Malahide, William Simons, and Belinda Lang. If you're a fan of Marsh's books or a fan of the television portrayals, welcome! Artists In Crime (named after one of Marsh's books) invites you to discuss the books, post fan fiction based on the familiar characters, provide gallery shots from the now available DVDs, and create icons.  There aren't any concrete rules at this point other than please be polite.  Easy enough, right?  :)  Please feel free to introduce yourself and contribute as much or as little as you like.  I hope you enjoy your stay! 
Artists In Crime Cover Art

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