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Introduction - ngaiomarshfan

Hi!  I'm Jeannie.  In the time honored LJ tradition of "build it and they will come", I've put together this little home away from home for fans of Ngaio Marsh and her literary creations.  Ngaio Marsh wrote 32 mystery novels in her lifetime, all featuring the Scotland Yard Chief Inspector Roderick Alleyn. The series of books also sparked a two series run on the BBC featuring Patrick Malahide, William Simons, and Belinda Lang. If you're a fan of Marsh's books or a fan of the television portrayals, welcome! Artists In Crime (named after one of Marsh's books) invites you to discuss the books, post fan fiction based on the familiar characters, provide gallery shots from the now available DVDs, and create icons.  There aren't any concrete rules at this point other than please be polite.  Easy enough, right?  :)  Please feel free to introduce yourself and contribute as much or as little as you like.  I hope you enjoy your stay! 
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Hello there,

It's never occured to me that I should hunt down Ngaio Marsh fans here, which is ridiculous given that I've been hanging around the immense Harry Potter fandom for over a year.

Love the books. Artists in Crime is a fave, and Clutch of Constables, because I like Troy. And when I was a teenager I used to draw Alleyn fan art before I knew fan art existed.

Do you mind if I "friend" your comm?

I searched lj for some kind of community but came up with nothing for fans of Marsh. So here we are! All two of us. *laughs*

I haven't read Clutch of Constables yet. But I really enjoyed Artists in Crime. I like Troy immensely as well. Next on my reading list is Black As He's Painted.

God, we're trendy!

Are you reading them in order?
*laughs* :) I don't think I've been called trendy in my entire life!

Absolutely no order whatsoever. The first one I read was Dead Water. After watching the DVDs, I was interested in seeing the original stories so I picked up the only one that was available of the eight episodes. Hook, line and sinker. So I'm slowly but surely picking the rest up one by one.

Have you read them all? If not, maybe we could coordinate our next book. :)
Hi there,

yes, I've read them all. My Mum is a fan and had lots of old paperbacks. I got into them when I was a teenager.

It's worth reading them in order. They span a number of years from the thirties to the seventies and the period detail is interesting. As is the development of the relationship with Troy, and their marriage. She puts him through the wringer and has good reasons.
I understand what you mean when you say period detail. I read Photo Finish right after Artists In Crime. All of a sudden they were talking about science fiction and it really threw me for a loop. :)

Okay then! I'll see about starting at the beginning.